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Ashley's Apartments LLC

License No: 492327
License Type: Broker

National Association of Realtors
National Association of Apartment Locators
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Ali Nolan

If I could give Ashley 100 stars I would. My husband and I are moving from out of state and had limited time to find a place. From the very moment I emailed Ashley, my nerves were calmed. She thought of everything, asked us (and the leasing agents) all the right questions, and helped me have fun on what could have been a very stressful home hunt. Additionally, she has great connections in the community that helped us get into the place of our dreams for a good price. She was with us for the entire process--including walking nearly five miles through five different complexes just to make sure we found the right home. She told us what neighborhoods we wanted to be in and took us to the best pizza in Dallas. We couldn't have been happier and we owe her big time. If you need a place, Ashley is your gal.

Hannah Somerville

Ashley is truly one-of-a-kind! She promised we'd find a gem of a place when we started looking for my apartment 90 days ahead of my move-out date. Sure enough, on the first day we went out and looked, we found the perfect place! It was both under budget and met all of my requirements. Ashley is amazing, and I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Lindsey Settles

Ashley was absolutely amazing in helping me find a new apartment. I have spent months trying to find the perfect apartment and within a few hours of talking to Ashley I was filling out an application to a place that had everything I needed, in a neighborhood I never thought I would be able to afford! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and very hands on when it comes to finding the perfect home for her clients. I am so grateful I found her when I did. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Chris Wilson

Ashley made finding an apartment a breeze. I initially reached out through her website and got a response back within minutes. Coming from out of state, and without much familiarity with Dallas, Ashley helped steer me towards neighborhoods where my budget and needs would be met. I toured six communities in a day of hunting, with prompt texts telling me where I should go next and who to speak with. While I had planned on another day of hunting, I loved one of the apartments I toured and applied on the spot. Surprisingly low-stress process, looking forward to moving to Dallas this week!

Perry Hall

There's not a single atom of doubt that reaching out to Ashley was the answer to prayers. It felt right from the get-go. And, it couldn't have happened in a harder month emotionally. She made "May" actually become a birthday month again. I couldn't be more thankful and appreciative of Ashley.

Dylan Timmons

If there was a six star option Ashley would get them. It was an absolutely amazing experience working with her. Moving from Denver to Fort Worth not even knowing where to start looking. Ashley made the process almost effortless. She really takes care of you, making sure you have everything you will need for your move. When and if I ever have to move again you can bet ill be coming back to Ashley

Elizabeth Grimsley

As a new renter as well as being new to Dallas, I had no idea about neighborhoods, apartment complexes, or what I really wanted. I contacted Ashley before coming to Dallas to look at apartments and she was able to help me focus and prioritize my needs in an apartment. Although timing was tight on relocation and I needed to look at possibilities the week between Christmas and New Years, Ashley jumped right in even though she was on vacation and immediately provided a comprehensive list of apartments so I had choices in location, types of complexes and amenities. She also helped me understand all of the details about renting my first apartment. Although I looked at over 10 apartment complexes and viewed even more online, I found the perfect apartment on the first day. Ashley was always available to answer other Dallas related questions as well and made the transition so easy. I can honestly say that I could not have found the perfect place without Ashley!

Gladys Brice

I contacted Ashley in the summer of 2013. My husband and I needed an apartment in the Dallas,Texas area. Ashley did a fantastic job of locating the perfect apartment for us. Things worked out very well for us because we were new to Dallas and once we got settled, we didn't miss NYC at all. I really appreciate that Ashley didn't take a lot of time to find the perfect apartment for us in a decent area. Ashley is the one to contact, if you are looking for a decent apartment home. She knows what she's doing and she won't disappoint you. Thanks Ashley! - Gladys Brice, Entrepreneur (Associate at IBO Toolbox)

Andrew Schulz

I am a local Dallas entrepreneur and I contacted Ashley after I realized I needed a cheaper and more flexible apartment due to the variability in running a start up. Ashley and her team immediately started working on finding an apartment that fit my location, budget, and lease needs. It was relieving to talk with someone who understood my needs and could help me bring peace of mind to an anxious situation. - Andrew Schulz, Co-Founder and CEO of JoinMe@