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I authorize Rental Advisors to charge my credit card a recurring amount of $249 until I cancel in writing.

Cancellation Policy

I can cancel my products at any time by sending an email to, 15 days before my renewal date.


I understand there are no refunds unless Rental Advisors fails to produce my products. If my development team never implements the products on my website, I forfeit the entire purchase price. I can request an adjustment to the start and end dates up to 30 days to accommodate delays by my development team but the billing dates remain the same.

Apartment IDX

Rental Advisors will provide a custom copy of our Apartment IDX for your website. The IDX pricing and availability is linked directly to our database in real time. Rental Advisors will provide the custom iFrame SRC information and implement the Custom IDX Meta Data Information below. The Apartment IDX consists of three maps; a One Bedroom map, Two Bedroom map, and Three Bedroom map. We make no guarantee on the number of leads you will generate from your website while using the Apartment IDX. The Apartment IDX is a website tool so clients can search availability and pricing on your website. You are still responsible for advertising and marketing your website to generate traffic.

The data and photos must remain on the Rental Advisors server. I will not copy, scrape, save, or republish any of the data or photos from the Apartment IDX without written permission from Rental Advisors. Upon cancellation, I understand Rental Advisors will turn off the data and I will remove the Apartment IDX from my website by the expiration date. This contract gives me permission to use the IDX on one (1) website and domain; multiple websites are not permitted without written permission from Rental Advisors.